About Rome and Roll

Rome and Roll is a heavy roll-and-write board game from Dávid Turczi and Nick Shaw. For 1-4 players, you compete to craft an empire. Draft from a pool of custom dice to collect resources, construct the town and organise armies. Political alliances, the colonies, and even the Gods all have a part to play. Imperii Gloria!


Dávid Turczi

An experienced game designer from Hungary, Dávid lives in London with his wife Wai-yee, and three cats: Dumpling, Mooncake, and Chipmunk.

“Rome and Roll was a unique chance to explore the toolset of roll and writes in the mindset of a highly interactive economic euro," he says. "But with just the right amount of brain burn!” 


A long-time fan of all games strategy, his previous projects include Anachrony, Dice Settlers,
Kitchen Rush, and Days of Ire.

Nick Shaw

Nick has been designing games for 9 years, and his past work includes the design of solo modes in Cerebria, Euphoria, and Wingspan, plus design on Welcome to Dino World with Dávid Turczi.


“Rome & Roll was an opportunity to use my knowledge of playing many roll-and-write games,” says Nick. “As well as my experience with design and development on alot of David's other games.”


Nick lives in Plymouth with his wife and five kids.